“There are so many ways to take care of your skin but DROPLETTE should definitely be a part of your regimen.” – Rudy

Droplette Believes in Water-Based Skincare

Spray-based skincare formulations are the right idea — but until Droplette, the droplets that come from mists have been too large (sometimes as big as 1-5 mm in diameter and at least 1000X bigger than our droplets) and they don’t have a sustained source of acceleration. Instead they often have additives like propellants, which are chemicals that can be harmful.

Our formulas are completely water based, and that’s not an accident or compromise. Unlike topicals, we can actually deliver water into your skin, which is no easy feat.

Droplette delivers a high-velocity aerosol that in addition to delivering actives into skin also delivers 50% more water than can be topically absorbed. Your skin becomes ultra-hydrated. This allows you to use active ingredients that may otherwise be drying or irritating to your skin without feeling side effects that you might normally experience.



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