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As makeup team leader at New York’s fashion week, Rudy has created runway looks for designers Zang Toi, Sherri Hill, Meghan Walsh, Oscar de la Renta, Katie Ermilio, Reem Acra, Perry Ellis, and EDUN. Rudy and his team have also created looks for the Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana boutiques.

Rudy has beautified Kirstie Alley, Kendall Jenner, Camila Alves, Sela Ward, Paris Hilton, Nicole Hilton, Victoria Gotti and Jill Zarin.  Male grooming includes Matthew McConaughey, Josh Lucas and Cory Stearns.

As an editorial makeup artist and educator, Rudy is focused on growing the beautybyrudy™ brand. Through exceptional education, successful events and customized business strategies, beautybyrudy™ is available to grow your business and your artistry.



1.Where in the world are you today?

I am actually home in NYC after an amazing trip to Minneapolis for Aveda Congress with redCHOCOLATE, which was amazing.  Next stop, Philadelphia for a week to teach the beautybyrudy makeup academy for JAM, Jean Madeline Academy of Makeup.

2. What are you doing there?

I am preparing for a makeup webinar and my trip to Philadelphia.

3. What are your favorite things to do there?

Lately, my favorite thing to do in NYC is trying all of the new restaurants that are blossoming in beautiful Harlem, where I live.  Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster is one of my new favorites.  Also, Levain Bakery has opened a location in Harlem and those cookies are deadly I tell you; simply addictive.  


4. What are you reading at the moment?

At the moment I am reading “Lay Bare The Heart” an autobiography by James Farmer, one of the leaders of the Freedom Riders and Civil Rights movements.  


5. What are you listening to ?

I am currently listening constantly to 21 by Adele and 4 by Beyonce.  It’s a perfect mixture of foot tapping and booty shaking.  


6. What are you watching?

I have to admit I don’t have a TV show that I follow consistently but I’ve been voraciously into foreign film.  My latest favorite was the French movie Le Prophete (A Prophet).  And I am a sucker for summer box office flicks; COLOMBIANA was hot.   


7. What are you consuming?

As I mentioned before, I am obsessed with Levain Bakery, specifically the double chocolate peanut butter cookies.  Just typing that now made me want to take a break and go get one.  But to maintain balance, I’ll be at farmer’s market at Union Square tomorrow as well.  


8. What are you following?

The only thing I follow are people on Twitter; never been much of a follower otherwise…WINK!

On Twitter I follow ochochinco, Diddy, mchammer, kirstiealley and Zang Toi!

9. What are you surfing (websites)?

Honestly, I have been really into surfing past supermodels of the 60’s through the 80’s.  I’m looking at their makeup applications and reading many of their stories are so amazing.  Especially the controversial and beautiful Donyale Luna, the first black model to appear on the cover of ANY Vogue magazine, 1966 British Vogue.  


10. What are you wearing right now?

Right now I am seriously casual since I am working from home, once I complete this I’ll change into something chic and hit happy hour with friends.

11. What are you dreaming of?

I am so focused on the new makeup curriculum I am writing and seeing the first draft come from creative!  It’s the content I really would use to not only teach artists but how I actually train the beautybyrudy team, so it serves may functions.  And as a learner, it is so visual, concise and learner centered.  It is going to be stunning and forward.

12. What is your favorite color?

Black, as it is not a color at all.

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