This is the season to use rich rustic eyeshadows (even red) as a way to add color to your look.  Key to making the look work; keep it monochromatic for eyes, cheeks and lips.



1. Lightening the brows as little as 1/2 a shade lighter brightens the face and lifts the eye area.  I recommend Jolene face hair products for this.

2. Use a contour brush to define the entire contour of the eye.  Allow color to blend high towards the inner corner of the eye and the brow.

3. Connect color application at outer corner of the eye and along 2/3rds of lower lash line using a small brush.

4. Use a cotton swab to refine all edges of application.

5. Next, fill in lid and brow bone with a shimmer highlight.  Here, pink is used as a monochrome of red.

6. Line the entire upper lash line with black eye liner.  Softly diffuse.

7. Line the entire lower lash line and connect the upper and lower lash lines at inner and outer corners.  Also, line the inner rim of the eye.

8. Set black eye liner application with black eye shadow on upper and lower lash lines using a small brush.

10. Next, define the contour of the eye with black eye shadow and a small brush.  This makes the eye appear larger.

11. Apply generous coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

12. Create an ultra matte complexion.  Use concealer where needed and then dust foundation powder over the entire face.  A must have brush: The Aveda Foundation Brush. 

13. Pink blush is applied high on the cheek bones to play on color application on the eye.

14.  Choose lip color to complete the look.  Pink, red and even a deep plum/burgundy will work.  Go light on lip color if you want the eyes to be the focus or go strong to play up both the eyes and the lips.


Rudy Miles

beautybyrudy for redCHOCOLATE


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